2019 SEO Audit Checklist to Bolster Conversion

If you’re a start-up thinking to boost conversion this 2019, then ensure that you pick a services company SEO that provides you with timely audits. Now, you might be wondering, what these SEO audits are or why they’re necessary for your digital marketing campaign.

Well, for starters these SEO audits are like teachers that find out the flaws in your SEO campaign. Without the identification of these veritable flaws, you cannot boost your marketing game. Not to mention these SEO audits help in tracking success too; so by conducting audits, you can also be assured that services company SEO you picked is offering you good ROI.


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Check Out These 3 SEO Audit Checklists to Ensure Sufficient Conversion (2019)

  1. Coining Down Objectives

SEO is basically a tool that helps boost your marketing strategy, right? So, to invest in an SEO company isn’t merely a leap of faith. You need to be sure that your SEO strategy is full-proof, and to ensure that it’s vital to have a Strategic Objective.

Now, how to know that your objectives are in the right direction? Well, they should be smart – Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. This means to focus your goals; for example, ensure that the services company SEO you picked will offer you a 50% organic conversion by 6 months. Additionally, by a year the company should manage to boost your lead volume 20% from organic search.

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  1. Keyword Scrutiny and Analysis

Keywords can either make you or break you; often brands tend to choose keywords way out of their league and assume they can hit sixes. In reality, for keywords to work a good audit is fundamental, to ensure that your company is picking the correct ones most relevant to your business. However, how to pick the right keywords?

For starters, pick out 20-100 keywords that fit your resource and budget. Then use a tool like Ahrefs to measure the performance of your selected keywords. Now, instead of picking the most competitive keywords go for long-tail keywords. The reason is competitive keywords tend to work for trusted sites and unless you’ve extra money to buy authoritative links, its best to stick to ones that are less competitive.

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  1. Know thy Competition

Keep your friends close and your competitor closer. Ensure that your services company SEO is offering an audit that scans and finds out all about your competition. The kind of content your competition is generating, their most successful content, their keyword use and new ways of using these keywords etc. all can be found out via an audit. In fact, ask your selected SEO agency to use a Moz toolbar to do a DA and PA analysis in the Search Engines.

Now, another part of your SEO audit will cover issues like –

  • If your URL formation is SEO optimized
  • If there is keyword cannibalism or not?
  • Screening out 404 links
  • Screen out plagiarized or duplicate content
  • Find how well your site is indexed and if there are redirect issues or not?

Well, there you go, with these 3 primary SEO audit checklist your services company SEO can ensure that you’ll get certified conversion in 2019. So, start now!